A Love Centered Community

I envision The Land as a community that views the relationship between itself and creation in a new and exciting way. A community which values spirituality and service above sacraments – and relationships above rituals.

My hope is that humanity is becoming ready to awaken to the divinity existing within every part of creation, from the largest objects in the universe to the blade of grass. That while we work toward a more just and loving world, we can begin to understand that even that which seems “wrong”, “tragic” or “evil” provides an opportunity for the divine love existing within our community to show itself.

As we stand together in faith to explore the mysteries and meaning of creation my hope (prayer) is that at The Land we are filled with humility that precludes judgment and love that encourages inclusion. That we can be shown new ways to express the joy of lives transformed by love – to a world that tends to lose sight of the beauty that can come from relationships based not on performance, but on presence. To participate in meaningful, positive ways with parts of our community and the world which get devalued by a culture focused on transactional relationships.

The goal is not to “fix” the world, but in small ways to show ourselves and our neighbors that through persistence in the expression of love, faith and hope we can make a difference, if only through our caring and modest action, to a world which might do well to rediscover love as its beginning and end.