An Unwavering Belief in The Land’s Promise

Some of my favorite memories involve growing, cooking and sharing food. So when the idea to start The Land project began, I knew it was a cause I could get behind.

Gathering people around food, faith and farming is a wonderful way to celebrate life. It allows people to connect with nature on a spiritual level. Some will glean wisdom, some will be inspired and some will be entertained. Some will find sanctitude, some will find community and some will find God. This connection to nature might feel different to each person, but everyone will find a special part of themselves that they didn’t know existed.

My unwavering belief in The Land’s promise stems from a spiritual experience, something that happened to me in second grade. My teacher, Mrs. Janson, asked us to save three pieces of trash from our lunch that day. I choose a banana peel, plastic straw and a cardboard milk container. After lunch, Mrs. Janson took us outside to bury our items in the schoolyard and mark them with popsicle sticks. Then we waited three months. When the day came to unearth our trash, we were excited. First I tried to dig up the milk container, but it had broken down into a clump of soil. I was blown away. Then I dug up the straw and it was entirely the same as when I buried it—in tact with a red and yellow stripe down the side. What a letdown. Then I tried to dig up my banana peel, but it was completely gone. I thought it was magic. Mrs. Janson had talked up decomposition and critters in the soil that could break down organic matter, but it really didn’t mean much to me until I unearthed my little plot of trash to witness nature’s magical abilities first hand.

This life lesson taught me that it is important to connect with the land that surrounds you. This means tending to it in ways that mimic nature. This means building soil with mulch and compost; not synthetic fertilizers. This means sculpting it in ways that can capture rainwater and store it in the soil. I see great promise for The Land and I am excited to be part of something so special. I look forward to being part of a community that believes we should grow food in ways that work with Mother Nature; not against her.

I hope you will join us!