Poetry Workshop: Haiku Mind-Mind of Christ

The Land invites you to join us for an onsite workshop of healing and hope…

“Poetry as Spiritual Practice”
Sundays from 7pm to 8:15pm
June 28, July 5 and July 12

Steve Kennedy will be facilitating this brief-form Poetry Workshop: Haiku Mind-Mind of Christ beginning this Sunday, June 28th at 7pm at The Land.

This is your invitation to be on The Land exploring and writing Japanese brief-form poetry—haiku and haibun— as grounding, orienting, clarifying spiritual practice. We’ll delve a little into the history and masters and forms of this genre. We’ll make direct connections to our faith tradition and our times. We’ll practice during and between our three sessions. We’ll also explore integrating smart-phone photography into the practice (haiga.) Most of all, we will be on The Land, developing a creative practice for ever more intimate relationship with Creation-as-it-finds-us on the prairie. 

The workshop is limited to 9 participants. If you plan to participate, please email Steve at stevenlkennedy@mac.com by this Thursday, June 18th. There is no cost to participate. Please bring a pencil/pen and writing notebook as well as a lightweight, portable camp-style chair optional.

Get Involved in Poetry Workshop: Haiku Mind-Mind of Christ