Summer Gardening Volunteers

With ten garden plots at The Land that need tending, there are multiple opportunities for people to maintain physical distancing while growing a garden and tending the soul.

List of Volunteer Tasks

*A reminder, our intention is to have volunteers come out and complete the tasks independently (as individuals or with your immediate family). These are not group volunteer opportunities and, while you will have support and instructions available to you, you will be working at The Land independently during the day and time you sign up to be at The Land.

Why This Garden Matters

May 6th to May 16th
Volunteers are needed to finish preparing the soil of each plot. Clyde is preparing directions for the soil preparation which will be emailed to you once you sign up for your chosen volunteer time at The Land.

May 17th to May 24th
Volunteers will be needed to come plant seedlings in the ten garden beds.

Summer Months
For the remaining season, volunteers can choose to sponsor a garden plot that they care for throughout the summer which would require being present at The Land multiple times a week or volunteers can commit to coming out to The Land on a weekly basis to water, weed and harvest the plots that are in need.

Various Tasks That Can Be Completed Anytime
There are several tasks that need to be completed which are not time-sensitive including mulching pathways. mowing down the dog park, caring for the labyrinth, and using the dirt dug up from the garden plots to fill dangerous holes on the property. Please contact Clyde if you are able to help with any of these items.

Please note the guidelines for remaining safe while volunteering at The Land during the pandemic.