Lenten Devotionals

Obituary of the Day – Lenten Journey

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Pastor Stephanie will be reading and posting obituaries of people you have loved and lost. These daily readings are meant to serve as hope-filled reminders that it is not only Christ who has overcome death at Easter, but all people through God’s grace and love.

Resurrect the life story of your loved one this Lenten Season and email their obituary to Pastor Stephanie at stephanie@thelandumc.org.

Mary Beth Oursler

Kathleen Rose Sweeney

Ed Hendricks

Violet M. (Glauser) Warren

Arthur F Warren

Lt Col Charles A “Chuck” Herbel

Marcia Antonacci

Leroy Gibson

David Darling

Jane Mohan

Melva Joyce Harrington

Anne H. Ford

Sheryl Lynn Adkins

Wayne “Mile High” Wagner

Johnnie B & Johnny Weldon

Raymond Kenneth Stafford

Robert E. Cook

David Henry Smith

Rosina May Cook

Molly Stevenson

Bill Clyde Stephens

Thomas H. B. “Benton” Smith

Fern Cross Brewster