Life at The Land is Good?

I often wear a hat to The Land that says “Life is Good”, as a reminder to live in gratitude for all of my blessings.

I have many hopes for The Land. I hope that it will be a diverse and inclusive community. I hope that it will embrace love for all of creation. I hope The Land will respond to that Love with actions, however small they may be.

As I look at the current “State of The Land”, I see a community which seems to be striving towards these objectives, but I wonder to what extent (and on what scale) my hopes will be met. I worry that the progress may be slower than I expect. I worry that the growth of the community will not meet my expectations. I worry that the standard 20th-century “church format” will prevail, simply with a different veneer.

So, back to my hat. We made wonderful progress at The Land this week with the help of a mission group from McFarlin UMC, Norman, OK. Our perimeter contemplative path was completed, a firepit was installed and a second canopy structure for our gatherings was erected, among other improvements. Still, as seen from even Powaton Road the only thing which distinguishes The Land from the undeveloped property are our two 20 foot square canopies. I consider this and think “It is Good”.

I think of this week’s service. We did not reach thousands or even hundreds. We baptized Matthew and Stephanie delivered her Prarie Prayer as the message, then we shared a prayer walk on our newly created path and a potluck dinner. A love-filled event, I consider this and think “It is Good”.

I stay to see the sunset after this week’s service. It was a beautiful sunset, but it is not the most “beautiful” sunset I have ever seen, not even the most beautiful I have seen from The Land. I consider this and think “It is Good”.

So much of our lives are spent seeking “perfect” or “better” that we overlook and fail to rejoice in the good in our lives, in our relationships. Perhaps good is not the opposite of bad or the pathway to perfect, but a place of comfort and love to be cherished when experienced. I consider this and think “It is Very Good”.