Gayla Dunning

Summer Gardener

Gayla Dunning is a proud Colorado native. She grew up in Colorado Springs and though she has left the state 3 times she always comes back home to the place she loves. Gayla says, “The mountains feed me like no other place on earth. When life starts to get too stressful, I know that it is time for a long hike in God’s beautiful creation to detox my mind, body, and soul.” Gayla worked in a small garden center in Colorado Springs before going to college to get her bachelor’s degree and teaching license. She has spent the last 8 years teaching early childhood education in Denver Public Schools and then at St. Andrew Preschool. She has now “retired from teaching” and is excited to see what comes next. Gayla and her husband Andy live in Denver. They have 4 adult children, 2 grandchildren, and a strong-willed Jack Russell terrier named Dollar.