Reuben Gregory

Urban Farmer

Reuben Gregory hails from across the ocean, grew up in Ohio(!), moved to Colorado for the mountains and fell in love with the Plains. He has navigated a long and winding road through Baptist, Vineyard, Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopal, Mennonite, Lutheran, and Methodist Churches, and thinks he would just like to be outside, connected to the earth, and meditating with more flora and fauna than humans.

Reuben has worked in food systems for a number of years now, evolving fro careers in social work, education, and politics. He has managed most of the food chain at one point or another, from farms to greenhouses to kitchens and compost piles. He currently splits his infinite time between doing food security work at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, researching food wast for the NRDC, serving as a delegate for the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and co-chairing the mayor-appointed Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council.