A Piece of God’s Earth

The Land is a piece of God’s earth that we have selected to provide a place for the community to come and serve each other in a way that sustains us and the ground on which we live. It is a location in our midst, close by, open and neighborly. We can come and work together to both learn and teach. Our mission is fulfilled as each of us participates in reclaiming the closeness we have with God’s expression of care for each us.

We can grow food in the ground and we can return to the ground those reusable parts of God’s gifts that we have so absent mindedly thrown away as trash. We learn how to sustain rather than just “use up and discard”! It is most gratifying to me to be able to learn that this is a way to serve others and minister not only to people, but to God’s creation. The Israelites would form an altar for worship at places where they felt God had been very close.

We want to make The Land an altar to indicate, for us, our acceptance of God’s gift of love. There is no maze, no “got cha” places from God, but a path to real companionship with God through sharing with God’s people as we proceed with growing The Land to it’s fullest potential. Each step of the journey will be guided by God’s enabling us in God’s ways to serve, work and worship. As each of us participates in our own unique way, whether in building a dog fence, setting up a library, planting food crops or flowers, or even looking at the beauty of “the weeds on the path”, The Land expresses God’s gifts to us for our use.