Rethink Church Features The Land

The Land is excited to be featured in the article The Land and New Life on the Rethink Church website. An article by Kerry Greenhill documents our mission and the work we are doing to bring a new vision of a unified spiritual community to the diverse socio-economic environment which is Aurora, Colorado.

The article highlights our desire to bring to Aurora a physical space that is open to all residents of the community. Pointing out that due to a lack of municipal resources the current housing development scheme in Aurora is producing “sub-communities” which are cut off from one another.

Our efforts to use “Food, Faith and Farming” as a 21st century means to surround that which gives us life with a spiritual purpose is highlighted in the post. What some among us would lovingly call the “divine chaos” of our relaxed, reconnective gatherings is also shared (our beloved dogs roaming the service, planes and trucks providing their input).

The environmental focus of The Land is also shared in the article as it points out that:

The Land has a clear mission relating to environmental stewardship, a focus that could be connected to the ancient Celtic Christian belief in God’s presence throughout creation.

We look forward to sharing our vision for a loving, inclusive spiritual community centered on the value of all of creation with those seeking to find meaning in our transactionally driven 21st-century society.