Who We Are

outdoor spiritual gatheringThe Land is a Christian faith community located in northeast Aurora dedicated to connecting to and caring for creation. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive spiritual community that affirms all people as beloved children of God welcome to full participation at The Land!

The focus of our spiritual community is on spreading the love of God through action in the larger community. We invite groups to come and visit The Land to more closely experience the wonder of creation. We also engage in the community by participating in partnerships which advance the goals of justice (especially food justice) and inclusion.

Currently, we gather for an under a large canopy tent every Saturday with an educational hour at 9 a.m. and service at 10. We love friendly dogs (on a leash for now to ensure social distancing) and regularly have them as a part of our service. Kids serve communion (dogs enjoy communion with us) and enjoy exploring the beautiful prairie. There is no path to membership or requirement to belong to this spiritual community. Worship at The Land is truly a relaxed, renewing experience for anyone seeking a new expression of “Church” without walls.